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“Being a teenager is hard. Not only do you have to balance the never-ending fluctuation of hormones and constantly shifting roster of friends and frenemies, you also have to carve an identity and become a person, or at least a semblance of one.

That is exactly the reason why art is of such colossal importance in an educational environment. Without art, I personally would never have been able to engage with both my own ideas and the input of others into how those ideas can come to fruition. I so distinctly remember my art theory teacher, Ms. De Beer chiding me for my florid use of the English language, and to be quite honest she was spot on in her criticism. Her strict regulation of my words was in stark contrast with my practical teacher’s unrestrained and encouraging positivity where my printmaking was concerned. Best of both worlds, wouldn’t you agree?

Now I hope to have refined said language use, and work in both journalistic and communicative capacities for a variety of businesses in Cape Town. A far cry from the artistic pursuits I pictured myself to one day be involved in during my time at PJ Olivier, the school nonetheless helped to shape an outlook and perspective that has aided me time and again in carving not only an identity, but also a designated spot in a profession of my choosing.”