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Creative Arts at the PJO

Learners study TWO art forms as part of the Creative Arts National Curriculum.

Each of the two art forms is allocated one hour per week.

This allows for depth of study and to prepare learners for arts subject choices in Grade 10 to Grade 12.

The VISUAL ARTS component is taught to learners from the surrounding schools at the PJ Olivier Art Centre.

The aim of Creative Arts is as follows:

CREATIVE ARTS provides exposure to and study of a range of art forms:

DANCE, DRAMA, MUSIC and VISUAL ARTS (including design and crafts) from Grade R to Grade 9.

The intention of the subject Creative Arts is to:

  • develop creative, expressive and innovative individuals and teams;
  • provide learners with exposure to and experiences in dance, drama, music and visual arts;
  • provide access to basic arts education for all learners;
  • identify and nurture artistic talent, aptitude and enthusiasm;
  • equip learners with adequate basic skills to pursue further studies in the art forms of their choice;
  • develop an awareness of arts across diverse cultures;
  • expose learners to the range of careers in the arts;
  • develop arts literacy and appreciation;
  • develop future audiences and arts consumers; and
  • develop life skills through the arts.