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In Drawing learners must acquire technical as well as conceptual skills to develop an original style and vision. The subject is furthermore regarded as a sound basis for a variety of art courses that may be followed at a tertiary level.

Grade 10: Learners focus mainly on techniques with traditional media such as pencil and charcoal, and learn a variety of observational and compositional strategies. A high degree of realism is the objective throughout.

Grade 11: It is expected of learners to consider the symbolic potential of imagery and learn how to process source material into an original image of their own, in order to give deeper meaning to their work. A more experimental approach is used with media and technique and lesser known media are introduced.

Grade 12: Learners should have a high degree of technical skill in a number of media and may opt to focus on a favourite medium for the building of their matric body of work. It is expected that they develop an individualistic approach to subject matter and style.