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Jewellery refers to one of the earliest forms of personal adornment. It is typically small ornaments worn for personal decoration. This new course aims to teach and develop learners’ design and technical abilities in different metal techniques and alternative materials.

Grade 10: Learners are taught to use fundamental principles from drawing to design and jewellery manufacturing. Basic traditional jewellery techniques such as sawing, piercing, filing, soldering and polishing are taught in copper and brass. Media such as metal, beads, paper, wood, plastics are explored by learning how to integrate them into innovative and unique designs. Learners are encouraged to create their own design solutions for their final products, through a planning process in which they draw and thus develop their personal interpretation of different chosen concepts.

Grade 11: Learners develop further skills regarding technical metal techniques. They are motivated to develop and integrate personal design and their newly acquired knowledge and techniques.

Grade 12: Learners are encouraged to create an independent range of jewellery which displays the culmination of learning that has taken place with regards to media, design, techniques and content. They are expected to build upon and extend their design skills and are then required to conceptualise ideas.