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During the three years of grades 10 to 12 research and drawing skills are emphasised to stimulate creative thought. Learners are taught basic design principles relating to typography and two-dimensional compostion. We work with various mediums like gouache, watercolour, pen and ink, collage and printmaking. Projects are aimed at specific areas of the commercial art industry and learners are taught to communicate to a specific audience through their illustrations. Projects could include book illustrations, posters, CD covers, company logos, images for computer games and product packaging. Illustration as a subject increases visual literacy and visual communication skills. This prepares learners to study for various design careers such as graphic design, book illustration, fashion design and editorial design.

Grade 10: The basic principles of design are introduced, as well as a wide variety of illustration techniques, story building, colour awareness and the relationship between text and image.

Grade 11: Learners are encouraged to develop their own illustration style by building on the knowledge that they have gained in Grade 10.

Grade 12: Learners work independently to guidelines set by the projects. They may choose any technique or adjust the projects to their interests. They may include personal interpretations and experiment with media in the execution of these projects.