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Film photography has been around for more years than digital, and thus the quality of film in some ways, is unsurpassed. Shooting in film can take photographers back to the roots of photography and give them an appreciation for our modern equivalents.

The aim of the photography course is to develop the learners’ creative thinking and technical abilities through exposure to various techniques and methods. The development of visual literacy is an ongoing process throughout the course.

Grade 10: Learners are exposed to the basics of black and white photography and darkroom technology such as pinhole photography, photograms and handmade negatives. They are also introduced to the 35mm camera, the processing of film and printing of photographs.

Grade 11: Learners develop further skills regarding the developing and printing of black and white film and the formal elements of photography. More emphasis is placed on the content of the photographs.

Grade 12: Learners are encouraged to work more independently and to have a personal and creative approach to media, techniques and the content of their work.