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Jacomien Labuschagne, Jewellery teacher at PJ Olivier Art Centre made chocolate jewellery and accessories in collaboration Fashion Designer Stephano (Stephan Olivier) and Huguenot Fine Chocolates in Franschoek. It was on the runway 20-21 AUGUST 2016 at the Blaawklippen Wine Estate.

“I’ve never worked with chocolate before, but love working in unexpected materials like balloons & plastic, so why not chocolate?!” Jacomien mentions. “As a designer, you learn principles in design that you can apply to any material or art form – I used the simple circle as a theme throughout the pieces and made everything from a chocolate bowtie, neckpieces, fascinators and earrings from round chocolate discs – layered, single, big, small, repetitive etc. Some were even combined with lace and others have real gemstones sprinkled on top!”.

She worked tirelessly in the chocolate factory with assistants to create the chocolate art pieces, but said it just felt like child’s play. Lastly, she mentions that she tasted waaaaay too much chocolate this last month, but she has been “chocolate clean” for three days and hope to keep it up;)