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The PJ Olivier Art Centre is one of only a few art centres in South Africa. Over the past few decades, art centres were established as institutions of excellence because of the high standards maintained by educators and learners alike, as well as a result of the many achievements on both national and international level.

The PJ Olivier Art Centre forms an integral part of the Stellenbosch community regarding Art Education. We are committed to providing the best possible Art Education to our learners and maintaining the very good reputation that the Art Centre has acquired through inspired teaching, hard work and leadership over 50 years.

We believe in focusing on the aesthetic education of the holistic person rather than only on providing a technically orientated ‘education’ or rather training in the productive skills. This means that the stimulation and development of the individual’s creative thoughts, critical capacity and visual literacy enjoys priority above the mere ‘production’ of artworks which flow naturally from the creative process.

We are a proud service provider for about 16 schools in the greater Stellenbosch and surrounding areas and offer curricular and extracurricular courses in Visual Arts and Design to learners from grades 1 to 12.

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Our Vision

To provide inclusive art education to all learners of our multicultural society and to play an exemplary and guiding role in adding value to people’s lives.

Our Mission

To serve as a link between learners, parents and the public of Stellenbosch.
To develop creative thought and problem-solving skills among people so that greater awareness of themselves and the environment is encouraged.

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